Manual Machining

At our Power Repair Service facility, we use a large selection of high grade manual machines to manufacture the precision parts needed for your repair. This in-house capability allows us to maintain quality control and minimize turnaround times.

Horizontal Lathes

  • Kingston (various sizes)
  • Lodge and Shipley (22×20/12″ bore)
  • Kingston (40″x196″)
  • Sharp (60″x360″)

Vertical Lathes

  • Niles 40″

Horizontal Mills (HBMs)

  • Masteel 130 (56″x48″x40″)
  • Masteel 150 (78″x70″x59″)
  • Comet 130 (45″x53″x50″)

Vertical Mills

  • 3 Bridgeport
  • 1 Alliant
  • 1 Acer

Thread Rolling

  • LMT Fette Rolling Heads
  • Adapted to Kingston Lathe and Okuma CNC lathes (small sizes)

Production Saw

  • Hydmech H14A (15″x15″)

Horizontal Band Saw

  • Hydmech H40/60 (40″x60″)

Cylindrical Grinders

  • Landis (10″x24″)
  • Landis (14″x48″)
  • Cincinnati (16″x170″)

Surface Grinders

  • Norton (14″x36″)
  • Thompson (18″x72″)

Blanchard Grinder

  • Mattison (42″ x 18″)

Key Cutter

  • D.C. Marrrison 3″ Key Seater

Radial Arm Drill Press

CNC Machining

The machinists at Power Repair Service are trained in using CNC Machining as another method of ensuring efficient, effective repairs.

Top-grade Industry Software

  • SOLIDWORKS Premium 2017 3D CAD/ Design
  • Mastercam 2017 Mill Level 3, Lathe, Solids, Multi-Axis
  • Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS 2017 Mill, Lathe
  • Geomagic DesignX (reverse engineering from scan data)
  • Geomagic Control X
  • Geomagic Wrap

CNC Milling

  • Okuma MCV4020
  • Okuma Genos M560V P200MA control with Nikken 4th Axis
  • Okuma Millac 1052V II 3050 P300 control with Nikken 4th Axis and Right Angle Head
  • Sacem (20’x10′ Fagor Retrofit)

CNC Turning

  • Okuma Captain L370
  • Okuma LB45II (3M Bed)
  • Titan VTL 150 (Fagor Retrofit)

Reverse Engineering / 3D Scanning

  • Faro Design ScanArm – 7 Axis